My creative journey

While skipping down my creative path I've stumbled a lot, stubbed my toe while trying to climb up onto the altar of perfection, and definitely have sat down & had a good cry out of sheer frustration many, many times along the way!

Yes, I've made progress.

But there have been those times where I haven't felt good enough, smart enough, or talented enough.

I've experienced the despair of seeing how just one brush stroke can destroy an entire painting. 

I've had to dig deep to find the patience, courage, strength & sheer will to keep going.

But ohhh the rewards when I create a painting that sings directly from my heart!

So a little more about my creative journey thus far...

First & foremost, I'm a self-taught artist. No art degree here.

But just like a wildly successful entrepreneur can do so without having an MBA — every single one of us, with practice & commitment, is capable of improving our creative skills.

When I was growing up I dabbled in drawing & painting, and later on while attending the University of Pittsburgh I took a number of art courses and was sooo very smitten.

I loved art history. I devoured it, sponged it into every cell of my being, and almost convinced myself that I should change my major to art.


But instead I chose to follow the exploding tech world — and yes I also chose to go for the safety & security of having a good paying job.

So I abandoned my inner artist, stuck to my Comp Sci major, graduated, and then moved on to work in the IT industry.

My life in IT was enjoyable in many ways.

After graduating I was fortunate to live & work in downtown Pittsburgh — a fabulous city! It’s chock full of art, beautiful architecture, lots of history, and many other cultural options — and I was hungry for those experiences.

I was also able to go on tons of travel adventures, and also felt quite privileged to have worked with the very best people.

So there were rewards, and I have absolutely no regrets.

However, that nagging creative muse was still furiously tap, tap, tapping on my shoulder.

My point is — after dabbling in art, I moved on.

I didn’t draw.

I didn’t paint.

For what seemed like a very long time, I traveled in a completely different direction. Which truth be told, was miles away from my heart’s calling.

Never in my wildest dreams when I resumed my creative journey did I think I would be here sharing my work with you today.


But I’ve worked hard.

I’ve shown up in the studio on many occasions when there were much more fun, distracting things to do.

And instead I drew.

And I painted.

And I experimented.

If you could see my very first attempts, you would know that I’ve improved quite a bit!

My creative journey is still taking shape. It won’t ever end. I hope to continue improving, learning, drawing, painting & creating for as long as I breathe.

I’m not sharing this with you to boast about my hard work or my progression thus far. I’m sharing this with you because if that very annoying creative muse is tapping you on your proverbial creative shoulder, I want to encourage you to answer.




Take a class.

Follow your heart.

Browse an art book.

Travel some.

Wander thru the woods.

Watch a video.

Stop & smell the roses.

Start slow.

Take a step.

Take another.

Eventually you’ll surprise yourself – I know I did.

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No one should have to take such an arduous journey alone. It’s just full of the most frightening creatures — ourselves!