Image encaustic commissions

In addition to painting, I also love the art of encaustic - in particular what I like to refer to as "image encaustics".

First, if you're not familiar let me give you a bit of an explanation of what encaustic art is. Basically encaustic medium is a mixture of beeswax & tree resin that can either be handmade or purchased thru an art supply store.

The medium is heated until it becomes liquefied, and then with various brushes & tools, it is applied to any porous surface (typically a wood panel), and manipulated with a heat gun &/or blow torch providing lots of interesting texture.

Colored pigments can be used in the wax, as well as other mediums such as oil paints, oil pastels, pan pastels, graphite, watercolor paints etc.

In addition, lots of different ephemera can be added to the melted wax for some really interesting texture. I'm particularly fond of adding ground coffee, sand, crushed dry leaves, and even egg shells where it's appropriate.

That being said I can use YOUR photograph or image (no copyright infringements please), or an image of one of my paintings as the basis for your encaustic piece. This image is glued down to a cradled wood panel, and then the encaustic wax is worked over it in order to give the piece additional interest, texture & color.

Sizes & pricing listed below.

(And remember, they come to you fully mounted on beautiful gallery quality, 1 5/8" deep, cradled wood panels so there is no framing required, which is a huge money-saver. The finished FSC certified birch panels are sourced & made in the US, and are soooo beautiful!)

Traditional rectangle sizes & pricing (shipping is free):

8”x10” $65 || 11"x14" $100 || 12”x16” $150

16”x20” $250 || 20"x24" $325 || 24"x30" $375

Contemporary square sizes & pricing (shipping is free):

10”x10” $75 || 12”x12” $125  || 18"x18" $250

24"x24" $325 || 30”x30” $375

It takes me a month or so to do a commission. 50% is due before I start the piece, and the other 50% is due when the finished art is ready to be shipped.

This is your chance to have a special one-of-a-kind piece of art hanging in your home or office that has YOUR unique desires & passion written all over it ... one that can some day be passed down to your loved ones as a family heirloom.

If you're interested in pursuing the possibility of a commissioned image encaustic piece, don't hesitate to get in touch, and I will get back with you soon! We can either chat thru email, or on the phone about what you want.

Also, for image encaustic commissions only (not painting commissions), I offer wholesale prices for larger quantities.