Honor Thy Father & Mother collection: Part 3

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Let's pick up where we left off in the last blog post, where I shared with you my journey while working on my newest watercolor & encaustic collection, Honor Thy Father & Mother.

This collection is meant to honor my Mom & Dad who have both passed in the last few years. And with an even wider brushstroke, it's also meant to honor all of our mothers & fathers who have lifted us up, and supported us over the years.

If there's one thing I hope to do with this collection, is that by reading about memories & recollections I have had of my Mom & Dad, that it rekindle fond  memories of yours.

So onto the next layers & steps of "unfolding" this new butterfly collection!

Below is another layer of detail added after the butterfly was painted, and it's also one of my favorites. Using a rubber stamp, I apply gold lettering in the circle behind the butterflies  😎🙆🏻💕⁣⁣

Right now it seems like a subtle step, but once I brush & fuse the encaustic beeswax over it, everything gets pulled together as you'll see a little later on in this post 🙂🥰⁣⁣

Below is one of many, many butterfly brooches in my Mom's collection. You would be amazed & inspired by all the variety & color in the collection! But I specifically chose this one to share with you for it's particular loveliness & color.

One of my most cherished memories of time spent with Mom was all the antique stores we used to rummage thru. We loved looking at the furniture & all the whatnots as she called them.

I have a stunning hand carved tiger oak French armoire we found while browsing the shops in Tryon NC, and the best part is ... it was marked down! Mom spied it and knew I would fall in love with it. I will cherish it and those memories of exploring vintage shops with her always.

And of course on the way out we would always stop by the jewelry cases looking for that quintessential butterfly she just had to have. Truth be told, it was most of them 🥰💕

Ok, so the next step in the creative process was to brush hot molten encaustic beeswax over every single painted butterfly, and after fusing & cooling I carved the wings & some of the details into the wax with a bamboo stick.

I only wish I could show you better in a photo how gorgeous & seductive the encaustic wax surface truly is. It's meant to be experienced thru not only seeing it, but by touching it.

I've committed to doing a group of minis anytime I'm working on a new series. I want everybody, regardless of their wallet size, to experience the beauty of encaustic wax firsthand. I think of them as introductory pieces so you can become more enamored with the beauty of the wax. You will not be able to help yourself!!

When you own a piece (or two, *wink wink*) you can run your fingers over the surface. It won't harm the artwork whatsoever, and I actually think the beeswax loves it 😉 

The encaustic siren called me a few years back, and I've been smitten ever since 🥰

Next step in the process for creating these 20 - 4" x 4" minis is framing each one in colorful encaustic wax. Color is everywhere you look!! No two are the same 🧡💛💚💙💜 

And now for the pièce de résistance ... adding a little red heart to honor my Dad's love of the color red, and for the enormous amount of heart & soul he put into everything he did. Love you to the moon Herschel Toland 🌙 

I thought I'd also share some close ups of the minis with you so you can see firsthand how the texture & sculptural nature of the encaustic beeswax enhances each piece.⁣⁣⁣

There's still nothing like experiencing it in person, but if you use your imagination a bit perhaps this close up below will help 🦋🦋🦋⁣⁣
If you're not very familiar with the medium, it's sooo amazing to run your fingers across (with the artist's permission or if you're the owner of course). It's very tactile & hard to resist — but then, why would you?!! 🙂💕🙌🏻

Here's another close up so you can see the loveliness of the encaustic beeswax 🐝 It gives you an idea of how tactile the wax is — I don't think I could create a piece now without it 🙂 And l love that it comes from nature's leftovers!

Reduce, reuse, recycle ... right? 😍

Ok, one more close up of the minis so you can see how dreamy the beeswax surface is 😍 

And if you want to learn more about the encaustic medium & all the reasons why I love it (and I just know you will too 😉), here's a blog post I wrote that'll do just that.

But always know that you can ask me a question in the comments or msg me anytime ... I'm just a few keyboard taps away 😎🦋

And ta da!!! Here's all 20 minis below.

I think they kind of look like a birthday cake 🎂 

All ready for this newest collection, "Honor Thy Father and Mother" which (fingers crossed) will be making its debut on my website in the near future.⁣⁣

Now onto the bigger pieces ... can't wait to start sharing those with you!⁣⁣

As always, I would love to chat art and/or hear what you think about this newest collection in the comments below.

Have a great day ... and go make something! It matters 🙂

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