That ONE thing you can always count on...

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Truth be told, I'm not a morning person.⁣

Like, at.all.⁣

Yes, I do manage to get up normally by 8 or many times earlier, IF coffee has been made by the best hubster in the entire universe! Which (another truth bomb) is every single morning. Bless him & his devotion to me, and to the almighty bean 🥰 ☕⁣ 

But overall I'm more of a night owl, moon, sunset kind of girl 🙆🌙🦉 I've seen many sunsets in my lifetime, but very few sunrises.⁣

So you may be wondering since I have more firsthand experience with sunsets, why I've chosen sunrises instead for the subject of my newest collection. Well, it just so happens that I've written this new blog post about just that very thing!

As a visual artist, I feel it's truly my calling to instill a sense of joy & a more positive vibe to each of you thru my work. So one thing I always try to do is choose a word or phrase to inspire each new collection of paintings that might in turn help you (if even just a wee bit) feel better about life when you look at them.

There's one word/concept that I've focused on while creating this collection. Because frankly, given the card deck we've been dealt in 2020, we have needed lots of it. And I'm sure it will still be needed in 2021!

Yes, you can always count on the sun to rise each new day. And there's also this one thing that no matter what, you can always depend on to help you navigate around those tricky curve balls life throws your way.

What is that one surefire thing?


Pretty simple right?

It's one thing to know it though, but it's quite another to keep it in mind when your "floating down the Delaware, chewing on your" you know whats!!!

That's where this collection comes in. What better way to hope for a new day than to focus your attention on a beautiful sunrise?!! Especially one rising up over the healing waters of the sea.

If it's one thing I know for sure, and I want you to know this too   like way down deep in your bones: The sun will always come up, and hope will always get you thru to that next sunrise. Especially if you're feeling scared & uncertain about life.

So hang onto a sense of hope like your life depends on it. Because a sweet, well-lived life always does.

This year has been rough. Like really rough  on all of us. And sometimes hanging onto hope is like hanging on tight to a lifeboat in choppy waters. It's not easy.

But sunny skies are always on life's next horizon.


A sneak preview of a few of the paintings from the Holiday Watercolor Sunrise collection:

It's always my hope that that my work connects with something in you that brings you a bit of peace in a sea of storm. #damnthoseleakylifeboats

Can't wait to share the whole collection with you soon.

I would love to chat art, creativity or life in general with you. As always your comments are welcome below!

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