Venus de Milo: Becoming

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I'm so excited to share the story behind my new series with you today!

I've dubbed it, Venus de Milo: Becoming.

I know, I know. Michelle Obama's book is called Becoming.

The title came to me out of the blue. I swear. And when it dawned on me that Michelle was already using it, I googled it trying to come up with something else!

But it's what resonates with me, and I hope when I share this story behind my new series with you today, it will resonate with you as well.

Besides, I don't mind at all sharing the name with Michelle (*wink wink*) ... she's someone I greatly admire ❤

So yes, this new series of three encaustic / mixed media pieces (a trilogy of sorts) tells the story of being stuck ... becoming aware that you're stuck ... feeling how depressing & sad it is knowing that you're stuck .... seeking & finding a solution ... setting your intention ... building your resolve .... going for it ... kind of being in a stage of topsy turvy for a while ... finally breaking out of that mold ... then beginning to re-assemble yourself into a new you.

It's truly about becoming.

And the best part ... rising up! Taking time to celebrate the new you & your tenacity to navigate those tricky waters of change ;-)

Don't think you've ever managed to do this before?

Well, maybe you just didn't take a pause to appreciate your efforts & celebrate your strength, courage & perserverance.

Maybe you just need more #happydances in your life :)

Of course, the series is called Venus de Milo: Becoming. Because if we're doing it right, there's always the next chapter.

And more "becoming".

The good news is, building your confidence & savouring your victories to the very last drop will serve you well the next time you need to navigate change.

But let's take a step back & take a look at the first piece in this trilogy...

Venus de Milo: Awakened

Has there ever been a time when you became aware of being stuck somewhere in your life that's making you unhappy? It could be anything really.

A job, a relationship, your health, your finances, your appearance, where you live, a crippling mindset etc.

Uhm, yeah. Me too.

But at least you've become aware that there's a problem. And that's such a critical stage. Sure this discovery makes you unhappy, depressed, sad. But at least you see it now. 

You awaken.

And then you start to consider what you can do about it. There's one singular idea that sticks in your head. You just can't shake it. (And hopefully it's a positive one. If not, keep pondering!!)

And, yes ... it's also the tough one.

The one that you know is going to be hard.

If you do it, you know it will take every ounce of courage you have.

That door of change looks all sparkly & gold. But going thru it is not an easy path!

Even so, you know it's the right one for you.

So you step thru that door, and then this happens...


Venus de Milo: Shattered

Yep. By going thru that door of change you manage to shatter your comfy cozy existence into a million little pieces.

It's confusing. Disconcerting. Difficult.

Sometimes you look back at that sparkly gold door & long to return. Long to feel comfortable & safe & warm again. But even in your discombobulated state (I love that word!), you choose to perservere.

You may have to take better care of yourself in other areas. Pamper yourself. Take a respite. But most of all keep telling yourself that it's going to be ok! Eventually. This is temporary. You'll come thru it intact, and become the new being you so desperately wanted to be.

Just remember to breathe.

A lot.



And when you've managed to re-assemble yourself into that new being, this happens...

Venus de Milo: Break Out

You break out of that mold and get to rise up with the new you!

What a celebration of the power of tenacity.

The beauty of renewal & coming up out of those ashes.

And here's the thing, that door will be there for you to go thru again.

So take the time to celebrate every single victory.

Here's a little tip ... make your intentions small enough so you feel less threatened by them. Less discombobulated ;-) Make that door less intimidating, knowing you'll be back.

Your next step can be a baby one.

So be thankful when you become aware.

Make a choice.

And with all the tenacity you can muster, go thru that sparkly golden door into the unknown.

Take care of yourself when things feel a bit daunting.

Then just when you least expect it, you will break out of that mold and rise up.

Celebrate the new you!

Do a happy dance ;-)

Thanks for hanging in there while I talked about the story behind my new series. It's my story, it's your story.

It's everyone's story.

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Stay tuned!

As always, I would love to here your comments below.

Have you been there, done that? About to do it again? Do tell!

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