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Life has presented many challenges as of late, and I'm finding that my soul needs to rest for a bit. And so I'm giving myself permission to do just that. Today is going to be lowkey, and softly spoken from a quiet place inside of me.

The same place that artist Marc Chagall insists in this quote, is the right place, the true place, the place from where creativity flows best...

So that's where my words are flowing from today. No filters.

In a strange kind of way, as long as we don't judge or shame ourselves, being tired is actually helpful sometimes when trying to listen to what our heart truly wants & needs. I don't know about you, but when I'm tired my brain is fuzzy - and sometimes fuzzy is exactly what's required.

And I'm not really talking about a physical tired, as much as I'm talking about a kind of bone weariness - which when we allow it, can be a quiet & restful place to sort thru things, without that gosh darn logical brain getting in the way.

That's what I'm trying to do. Give myself permission to stay present in the weariness, allow it to exist without judgement or shame, and giving my heart the space it needs to re-connect.

If your energy is good (which I'm hoping it is), there are still a gazillion things you can do to get more in touch with your creative heart. Off the top of my head here are just a few ways to tap into that heart space from where Chagall says creativity works best...

  • Hug someone - a child, a friend, a partner, someone you care about. The heart opens & expands with a deep, warm hug.
  • Do something just for yourself. Go for a massage, a walk in nature, coffee or lunch with a friend - whatever resonates with you & makes your heart smile.
  • Set the timer on your phone for 5 minutes. Now put that phone down. Like now. Then... Breathe. Deeply. Repeat until said timer goes off.
  • Get out some kind of creative medium - even if it's just paper & colored markers. Set the timer on your phone for 30 minutes. Play. Yes, just play. Scribble, splash, tear, whatever - with the wild enthusiasm of a child. When said timer goes off click a photo of it if you want. Then destroy what you made.
  • Dance. Yep... turn on your favorite music as loud as your neighbors can stand, and get up off your butt & move. You know the quote, "dance like no ones watching"? Do that.

  • Laugh. Like out loud. Put on your favorite movie or video, and laugh.
  • Most of all, do you. Show up everywhere you go with who YOU are, not who someone else thinks you need to be.

Now you're ready.

Your heart is open.

Which, according to Chagall, is a great place from which a creative life flows best.

I'm going to agree with him on that one.

And now I'll go back to giving myself space in this busy, messy life for what I'm feeling, and allowing my heart to be more present & open during these quiet times.

And I hope you will too.

It matters so darn much!

Now it's your turn...

Is there something you do to get that creative mojo back when life's demands have depleted yours?

Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear more about what gets you back to being joyful & re-engaged.

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