Sculpture Rodin reminds us to stop & smell the roses :-)

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We're shifting our attention to a new artist beginning with this week, and I thought I'd shine the spotlight on an artist who was not a painter as we normally talk about, but a sculptor.

We'll be looking into the life & work of one of the top sculptors for all time, Auguste Rodin.

First up is one of his quotes that I hope will inspire you to keep going! But with plenty of stops along the way:)

And surprisingly enough, these rests along the way will ultimately get you closer to your creative goals much quicker!

So here's Auguste Rodin's wise words that we'll focus on today...

Auguste Rodin, sculptor & artist, definitely grasped the concept of using patience as a ninja tool for taking action.

How can patience be a form of action you ask?

It actually takes a lot of patience to do anything, especially if you plan to do it well. And from what I've experienced, the times I need patience the most are the EXACT same times when I want to run headlong into something without thinking.


I get to a place where about halfway thru my painting or encaustic, I absolutely hate it! Yep, every.single.time. And I've learned thru taking my lumps & having to correct my mistakes, that going full steam ahead at this point is normally not the best move.

In a painting class I lead not too long ago, someone asked me what they should do when they're unsure of where to go next with their painting. My reply was...

"Put your brush DOWN ... then get up, stretch, and take a walk."

The last thing any person who's creating something wants to do is push thru these periods of uncertainty without chillin' out for at least a few minutes first. I've been known to sometimes not come back to my easel until the next day when I get this way.

Deciding to take a break, and to have the patience to ponder a bit, is the most productive thing you can do. You'll move ahead much quicker by doing absolutely nothing.

You know why?

Because creativity requires a good deal of breathing space for contemplation & reflection, and these breathing spaces (where patience is required) are just the ticket to jump ahead further than you would have otherwise.

So when you're creating something, and you begin to feel uncertain ... put your proverbial brush DOWN.

Have patience.

Don't worry about rushing thru & "getting it done." If you rush, you run the risk of messing it up, and then it will take you twice as long to fix it! And sometimes, unfortunately it's just not fixable.

Moving slowly at times is ultimately a very wise ninja move ;-)

My advice? Take plenty of breaks to smell those roses along the way...

art on paper

Renaissance Rose ©
14.5" x 18" watercolor
on 140 lb. Arches cotton rag

Thanks for showing up at the party!

We've got the best juice ... creative, that is ;-)

And as always, I would love to know your thoughts on this or any other creative matter you want to talk about! Leave your comment below, and let's chat art & creativity...

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