Monet says, forget what you see

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This week we're going to start things off with a quote by French artist Claude Monet, and how you can work his sage advice into what you make. OR if you're not the creative type - then it will still help you when observing the work of others, and while snapping photos with your phone.

So here's the quote...

Do you remember when you were a child and did just this? A house you were drawing consisted of a square (the house), a triangle (the roof), some rectangles (chimney, door, windows), a circle (the sun), big fluffy things for the clouds, bushes & leaves on a tree etc.

Nothing fancy - but if you think back to that drawing you did as a child, then you will get a much better idea of what Monet is suggesting.

Whether you create quilts, jewelry, paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, pottery, collage etc. - really "getting" this is what will help you simplify & refine what it is you're attempting to make.

And to simplify is to communicate more precisely with your audience, collector  &/or buyer. It will also help you get a better handle on your composition when it comes to value, balance, negative space, symmetry, depth - you get the picture! #punintended

I challenge you to doodle on your notes at the office today! Draw that house & its surroundings like you did as a child. And then think about its clarity & simplicity. Claude Monet, one of the greatest painter of all times, is giving you permission to be childlike once again:)

Here's an example of one of my paintings that's composed of basically 2 main shapes - the triangle & the circle. Take a look at how childlike & joyous it is!

Go Fly a Kite  ©
23" x 14" watercolor
on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper

Learning to see simple shapes in what you're looking at will make a world of difference when you go to you snap a photo, design a quilt, create a collage, cook & serve a delicious meal, or design & update a room in your home - among others.

The simplicity of shape matters.

Now go play & don't forget your crayons:)

With love & affection 💕

P.S. I would love to hear from you! You can do so by going to my contact page and sending me a message — your creative heart & voice matter.

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