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I may have come on a bit strong last week, but since I was talking about Nina Simone & the powerful voice she had in the world, maybe just maybe she put a spell on me lol. After all, I was listening to this playlist of her songs when I was writing it!

She was unapolagetic about what she had to say, and since she's starting off this new body of work, Becoming Visible ... I'll just leave it all there ;-)

And in case you missed the last couple posts, here's a reminder of what this new series is all about:
This new body of work is called, Becoming Visible. And it's my hope that it will help you believe in the power of your own unique voice, to speak your truth, and step up to the proverbial plate more intentionally & with more confidence knowing that your courage to be seen & heard can have such a tremendous impact on those around you.
The incomparable & powerful voice of singer & activist, Nina Simone, is the subject of the very first piece. So let's swing for the fences, shall we? Nina did. And the power of her legacy lives on in the hearts & minds of so many. She was a fierce warrior, and her voice keeps giving back today. She was one of the lucky ones.

Because she was willing to show up strong and fiercely herself, she slid into that final home base using up everything she had.
Do you remember the series of watercolor renderings I made in early spring? The ones that I did to try to keep my creative juices flowing while grieving the transition of my sister Sandy? If you missed it or want to refresh your memory here's a blog post about it.

At the time I called them, The Path Grief Travels, but I've changed my mind about that  – instead we'll refer to them as, The Path Love Travels. A slight change. But I've come to appreciate thru my own grief process, that the power of love is in fact so much more potent than the path of grief.

In keeping with the title, I want to see how far I can get this path of love to travel in my art. So these patterns I created then will live on in this new body of work.

And since Nina Simone was soooo sultry & downright sexy, I chose this one with all its smoky blues & purples juxtaposed with that fiery orange-red to use for her piece.

I'll be sharing more about the what, where & how I'll be using it later.
For now I'll leave you with a sneak peak of some process shots I've taken thus far. Nina's head is masked for now, but I think a portrait painting is coming ;-) All work at this point is being done using encaustic beeswax...
Check out my accounts on Instagram or Facebook this coming week for some process videos. My hope is that this series inspires you to swing for your own fences. Nina would have wanted it that way!
With deep love & gratitude ⚜️
P.S. Comment below and tell me what you love OR have learned about Nina Simone – or just say hi. Would love to hear from you! ❤❤❤

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