This new body of work won't speak to you if...

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How are things in your neck of the woods? I tend to vascillate between feeling pretty darn ok about my life, to what the heck is wrong with me????!!!!! You too? Such a relief to know I'm not the only one lol.

At any rate, here we are with our swords ready to fight on another day :-)

So if you happened to look at the subject line for this blog post before you began reading it, then you saw these words: This new body of work won't speak to you if...

And just maybe you kept scrolling because you wanted to know what in the world I was talking about. 

But first, let's take a step back and let me fill you in on a few deets about this new body of work, since I have no illusions that what I've been sharing recently is at the center of anybody's universe :-)

This is an excerpt from last week's blog post to catch you up:
This new body of work is called, Becoming Visible. And it's my hope that it will help you believe in the power of your own unique voice, to speak your truth, and step up to the proverbial plate more intentionally & with more confidence knowing that your courage to be seen & heard can have such a tremendous impact on those around you.
The incomparable & powerful voice of singer & activist, Nina Simone, is the subject of the very first piece. So let's swing for the fences, shall we? Nina did. And the power of her legacy lives on in the hearts & minds of so many.
Now, let's get back to filling in the rest of that subject line, so you know just where you stand. (And I'm being pretty blunt here, so you're not wasting your precious time!)

This new body of work won't speak to you if...
  • You're sleep walking thru life, and feel quite comfortable there.
  • You're stubbornly unwilling to be curious, ask yourself some tough questions, and be honest with the answers.
  • You're afraid of rocking the status quo around you.
  • You want others to like you for who you're not.
  • You're more concerned with being accepted by your tribe, than you are about becoming real real.
  • You just don't want to be inspired to show up in your life more fierce & as yourself.
  • You'd rather stick with feeling like you're "not enough" instead of taking the risk of being "too much"
  • And most importantly, you're not willing to do so with deep loving kindness for yourself & others.
Let me repeat that last one ... .

This new body of work won't speak to you if you are unwilling to show up with deep loving kindness for yourself & others.

So if you're ready to dig deep with curiousity, courage & kindness, and learn more about the strength & ferocity of your own unique one-of-a-kind voice, then let's get this party started!

If not, go back to your comfort zone – this is so not for you.

But you know what? You're here because you passionately LOVE art & creativity. And that means you have an immense capacity for curiosity & adventure ... so I just know you're ready to become real real. And if you were taking a nap, well let's just say one eye just flew open :-)

So go ahead and take that first step, get curious ... watch & listen to some Nina Simone. And if you only have time for a couple songs, I suggest Take Me To The Water & Feeling Good.

Ms. Simone was a fierce warrior, and her powerful voice keeps giving back today. She was one of the lucky ones. Because she was willing to show up strong and as fiercely herself, she slid into that final home base using up everything she had.

More later. But for now just know that I feel so damn privileged to be part of this journey with you.
With deep love & gratitude ⚜️
P.S. Comment below and tell me why you want to become real real – or just say hi. I'm always listening ❤❤❤

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