The recipe to a passionate & fulfilling life...

Barb Toland Creative Sparks

I hope this finds you actively engaged in a happy & fulfilled life. It's my fondest wish that you're enjoying your life, and are passionately & creatively engaged in the process of living it fully. We only get one, and we all need to make it count!

Now of course, that can mean entirely different things to different people. There's no real roadmap except following the (im)pulses of our own heart. But I've discovered that there are two pretty important ingredients that allow us to engage in this journey we call life in a more satisfying way.

And the recipe is *drumroll* ... Curiosity + Creativity

Yep, that's it in a nutshell, at least for me. Following our curiosity to the next thing that excites us – and then when we find it, engage with it in a creative way.

Does that mean that we will then be all giddy & happy & excited every damn step of the way?

Uhm, no.

But I promise that using the recipe of curiosity + creativity will help you have more highs than you would have had otherwise.

So the first ingredient, Curiosity – is a pretty simple concept. Like Toucan Sam, follow your nose. Sniff out what excites you, and go there. Sometimes it might take a while to find it, but stay open with a curious mindset and you'll eventually see that next step. Then take it.

And for the 2nd ingredient, Creativity – do I mean as in creating or making something? Well, sometimes.

But the creativity I'm really talking about is more general in nature. It's more like pulling from that source of energy that lovingly surrounds us (some call it God, some Universe, some Source, some Higher Power etc. etc.) ... whatever or whomever that may be for you ... pulling that energy in & allowing it to help us shape our words, our actions, and ultimately our lives.

I happen to call it the creative spirit. And it's a much better experience when we invite the creative spirit to dance WITH us, not for us – and certainly not without us!

So that's the recipe folks...

Curiosity (follow your nose to what excites you) + Creativity (become open to and make use of the creative spirit in & around you) equals a life that has a lot more highs than lows.

I hope you don't mind these philosophical wonderings/wanderings of mine! I'm a Sagittarius, and we just kinda dig that stuff ;-)

And now I'll leave you with this joyful painting that quite unexpectedly oozed out of my fingertips when I followed my curiosity, and began to dance with the creative spirit. I hope it brings a feeling of freedom & joy to your very own, one-of-a-kind, art lovin' 
Go Fly A Kite
14" x 23" watercolor
on 300 lb. Arches cotton rag paper
Now go be the love, hope & joy you wish to see in the world ... adventure awaits! And as always, I would love to chat about creative things with you in the comments below.

With love & affection ⚜️

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