Beginning a new body of work is always scary...

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Hope you are having a lovely week. I know it's hard sometimes, but hopefully you are digging down deep and (even if sometimes grudgingly) walking your walk. We are only here for so many rotations around that glorious sun!

I've cleared a big gob of time for stepping off onto a new (& somewhat bold) creative path in the studio this weekend. I've been working on getting some non-art stuff put in place for the business side of things, and so now it's time to wonder/wander back into the studio.

Truth be told, I'm a little nervous about this. I'll be starting a new body of work that will begin shifting my art & my brand in a new direction. I'm not talking about the colors & fonts so much, as I'm talking about my message. My story. The type of art I do.

It all started when I did the Venus de Milo: Becoming series last year. Remember that? If not you can find the series here. Because of this work and its story of becoming, I started to feel a craving for a more meaningful connection between my work and those who experience it.

I guess I've now found myself right smack dab in the middle of my own becoming.

I'm a little intimidated to begin, but begin I must. It'll be a little daring. A little different. But you my beautiful collectors, I know in my heart of hearts 
– are up to it. I think you're ready for something fresh & dare I say, a bit risky. (Yikes!)

I saw this quote below by Henri Matisse in a blog post I did a while back.
I'm going to use it as a mantra of sorts when doubts start creeping in – and they will.

Imagine the great Henri Matisse feeling doubtful & insecure about his creative voice. It will help serve to remind me that even this artistic genious doubted his artistic choices at times.

But I'm doing this thing.

Starting this weekend.

So buckle up baby ... we are off on the next creative adventure ;-)

And whether you're the praying-kind, or the sending-positive-energy-type 
 I could use a little bit of extra love right now!

Especially this weekend, as I begin.

This will be intentional.

This will will be like real, real.

I'm excited and have those butterflies in my stomach.

And so that's how I know – I've got to do it.

More on this new body of work later. Promise.

But for now, if you have a minute to spare – cheer me on in the comments below. My creative ❤ needs a little extra dose of courage right now.
With love & deep gratitude for your presence on this journey ⚜️

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