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Wow! First of all, I want to thank those of you who reached out after last week's post, and cheered me on as I start this new body of work. And even if you, I know there were many of you that quietly did so ;-)

I wasn't anticipating so many responses, and as I read thru your encouraging words & responded to each one, I was filled to the brim with gratitude. I stepped into the studio last weekend with a lot less trepidation and much more enthusiasm because of your messages!

The power of your voice made a difference in how I showed up at the easel, and I thank you. 
And it's exactly what I'm hoping to encourage in everyone with this new series.

Part of last week's post also referred to an encaustic, mixed media triptych I created last year called, Venus de Milo: Becoming. That so many of you connected deeply with this work, and with her story of becoming was a turning point for me as an artist (although I didn't quite see it at the time).
Now that I do see this more clearly, I want more of that deeper connection for both of us. Yes, it is super great that art brings joy to your walls  but I also want at least some of my work to resonate with you at a heart & soul level.

This new body of work is called, Becoming Visible. And it's my hope that it will help you believe in the power of your own unique voice, to speak your truth, and step up to the proverbial plate more intentionally & with more confidence knowing that your courage to be seen & heard can have such a tremendous impact on those around you.

The incomparable & powerful voice of singer & activist, Nina Simone, is the subject of the very first piece. So let's swing for the fences, shall we? Nina did. And the power of her legacy lives on in the hearts & minds of so many.
Have a great weekend, and don't forget to run & jump & play! It matters.

And as always if you've got something to share with me, comment below & let's chat creative things.

With much love & affection ⚜️

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