Exercising your heART muscle leads to BIGGER things ;-)

Barb Toland Art Bites

Have you ever failed to exercise, even for a short period of time? You get sidetracked with an injury, or caught up in life’s flow, and before you know it, those thigh muscles jiggle when you giggle?

Yeah, me too.

Here’s the thing  just like the physical muscles in your body, if you want to gain strength in your artistic heART muscle (you know, refine your tastes & feel a bit more artsy, get a better handle on what art you like, feel a sense of joy when you buy a new piece for your home) … then you gotta flex that muscle now & then.

But here’s the good news … unlike those jiggly thigh muscles which don’t take long to lose their shape (am I right? ugh.) the "mind's eye" muscle you build in order to deepen your love & appreciation of art, doesn’t take nearly as much work or time.

At all.

And it’s a heckuva lot more fun!

The "no pain, no gain" song you must sing to firm up those bouncy thighs, does not apply when it comes to you heART muscle  Hallelujah!

The only thing that’s required is time & consistency.

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret ... I spent years not making art.

More of my adult life has been spent not painting, than the number of years I’ve actually spent honing my craft. Yes, the latter is catching up to the former as I merrily go along, but for the most part, I have logged wayyy more years purely in the “art appreciation” phase.

And even if I had stayed firmly planted in the land of art appreciaton & collecting, and never picked up a paint brush —  when I look back on those years, I realize they were full.

Just bursting at the seams with color & line.

And I could have quite contentedly stayed there.

What’s my point?

My point is, you don’t have to make art to want to learn more about it, and to love it.

You don’t have to ever lift a brush or a pen or a quilting needle or a crochet hook or a woodworking tool to grow your heART muscle. Ever.

But here’s what you have to do if loving & appreciating art are important to you...

You have to begin to weave the acts of observing & absorbing the art around you into your one precious heART fairly consistently.

(But you can take breaks! I did, and it all still had a profound & lasting affect on my creative eye.)

You don’t necessarily even have to go gallivanting to museums, festivals & galleries if it’s hard for you to carve out the time. You may have young children, or health issues, or some other something that doesn’t allow you as much free time to do artsy things “out there”.

So in addition to occasionally seeing it out there in the world, you can browse Pinterest, Instagram, and online art sites. Look around you when you go to the doctor or dentists. I’ve found some beautiful art hanging on the walls there. Next time you’re at your favorite local bookstore, browse the artsy section. Flip thru those pages & see what you see.

You can even read my blog to stay tuned in ;-)

The point is, start noticing & absorbing art little by little. Weave it into the tapestry of your life.

I promise you if you do so, then when you want to buy art, or even if you decide to dabble in making it, you’ll have a whole visual catalog in your mind’s eye that you can draw on.

If you want to know more about my journey as an artist, and how it goes much further back than my hands-on art-making time, you can read  more about my creative journey here.

Absorbing the art around me over the years has been so instrumental in growing my heART muscle.

And it has soooo given me a richer, fuller life.

Pursuing an art-filled life doesn’t have to be hard.

Just show up.


You will be amazed at what gets absorbed into that one & only beautiful brain of yours!

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There are soooo many ways to strengthen that heART muscle by working it into the nooks & crannies of your life. You’d be surprised how quickly they add up!

No more jiggly heART muscle for you dangit.

And it won't hurt a bit.

Now get to “work” and start firming up that jiggling heART muscle as only you can ;-)

Comments below are always welcome! I’ll be sure to reply.

xo Barb

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